The Reason


Francis “Farc” Fowler


Frank was one of the kindest and most fun-loving brothers. He was always so protective of his little brother, his family, and his close friends. His charismatic personality and love of life were so addictive to the people he surrounded himself with. He was a phenomenal athlete from a young age but early in life he became a social butterfly that decided organized sports was not a path he wanted to take. He would spend his teenage and collegiate years in the party scene yet still found time for individual sports – like tennis, golf and skiing -and he excelled at them all. After a long fight with addiction, my brother Frank lost his battle with heroine. He will always be a focal point in my family and my world for living his life to the fullest. Every sunny, cloudy, rainy, cold or hot day is sign of him looking down on all of us telling us to ‘find beauty in every day.’



Ryan “Fletch” Fletcher


Ryan, aka Fletch, will always be one of the most generous, kind-hearted friends/sons/grandsons/cousins that anyone will ever come into contact with. His love for life was present in all his actions throughout his short life. In that time he touched so many of us with his straight shooter mentality; telling you exactly how it is with brutal honesty. He had a passion for sports and would take advantage of any sunny day to get a 3-on-3 bball tourney going in the backyard. Ryan never got fully involved in organized sports, choosing instead to get into activities too adult, at too young an age. He loved a great social gathering with close friends. Ultimately his addiction caught up with him at the age of 28. He lost his long battle to heroine on January 25, 2012. His presence in a room was undeniable, everyone was drawn to his magnetic personality. He will never be forgotten as we see a little of him in our lives every day.



Michael “Zinger” Zangardi


Michael was a unique and one-of-kind person, his outgoing personality was contagious to the people he surrounded himself with. His loved to meet new people from all different walks of life wherever he went. He was a stellar athlete with a passion to play all his favorite sports with his friends. Mike had a hard path the past ten years trying to overcome depression, ADD, and addiction. Unfortunately, he fell victim to a life-long battle of heroine addiction on September 12, 2012. His love for his family and friends was evident in his strives to better himself over the years. Listening to Dave Mathews Band and going to see live shows were things he loved to do with his close friends. He will always be in our hearts and thoughts.