CrossFit Sponsorship

“Creating a Fitness Identity”

Our CrossFit Sponsorship is a program we consider to be a critical part of the Recovery Process.. This is for adults in Recovery looking for an opportunity to trade their unhealthy addiction for a healthy Addiction which is Fucntional Fitness. We feel that the Local CrossFits are essential to the road to recovery. The community provides a positive environment and family oriented support system.

Key components that the local affiliates provide:

  1. Competition
  2. Community
  3. Camaraderie
  4. Nutrition and Lifestyle Change
    1. Functional Movements done at high intensity scalable to all fitness levels.
      1. The progression of tasks and skills that they may have once thought impossible becomes their new identity.
    2. Positive Stress outlet
    3. Improved Self esteem
      1. Overcoming challenges through our workouts.
      2. Challenges the mind. I can’t thought process becomes “I will”.
      3. Positive changes in Physique.