Steve’s Club

Scholarship Details:

Two Steve’s Club athletes will be honored each year with the Redemption Mentorship Scholarship. These athletes will be chosen based on their fit with the criteria listed below, and determined by essay responses, letters of recommendation, and a phone interview.

The purpose of this scholarship is to reward Steve’s Club athletes who have shown exceptional leadership and mentorship amongst their peers.  With a Level 1 CrossFit Certification, these athletes will continue to provide guidance to fellow athletes in their Steve’s Club program, and in their greater community.


Scholarship Criteria:

  • Must be must be 17 years old at the time of attending the desired CrossFit Level 1 course (CrossFit HQ requires athletes be 17 years at time of CrossFit Level 1 testing in order to receive the CrossFit trainer designation). You can apply for the scholarship at age 16 if you will be 17 when you attend the CrossFit Level 1 course.
  • Must have been involved with a Steve’s Club program for at least six months, with consistent attendance (the athlete must train with an official Local Club within the Steve’s Club National Program network)
  • Must show a commitment (whether currently or in the near future) to a drug prevention program or campaign (can be involvement in a program at school, or in their community)
  • Must have all documentation (application and two letters of recommendation) submitted to by the designated due-date.

To Apply:

Please complete the application below

After an initial review of the application, finalists will be selected and scheduled for a phone interview with Carlos Gibson, Founder and Director of Redemption WOD. The chosen athlete will be announced a few weeks after the interview and notified directly via email (if an email address is provided) or through your Coach.



Questions to be answered by applicant (2-3 paragraphs for each):